About writingriver

      Inside the river there is an unfinishable story

             and you are somewhere in it

      and it will never end until all ends.*

writingriver  offers short fiction (500 words or less), the kind that might entice you to read more, but as the 500 mark approaches, it grabs its bag and coat and flees. Those familiar with “scene study” will find here some familiar ideas such as the unity of a piece, an attention to entrances and exits, and the moment of “pay off”.  If you want to try it–your own version, your own rules, of course–then feel free to post your piece here in the comments, or links to your own blog.

Most of the posts here are never but nearly finished, like the stream of mind from which they come. As a river that flows regardless of who is watching or fishing on its banks, so language gently rolls over images and around so-called obstacles yet remains a constant presence in our lives. In Spring, the stream might be flush with the fresh, the fallen, the fragrant. In Fall, colored leaves dance along and enjoy the bumpy ride down from the mountains to the peaceful meanderings of the plains. Words have their own gravity, the kind of force that makes flow possible. At least with enough power to last for 500 words.


from Mary Oliver, “What Can I Say?”  in Swan: Poems and Prose Poems (Boston: Beacon Press, 2010).


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